Completing a Gift of Stock

A gift of appreciated stock is a smart way to support ministry because the IRS allows the transfer of stock directly to Lutheran Hour Ministries without imposing any tax on the growth in value. This maximizes the value of the gift because you are now able to support God’s mission with funds that would have been paid in taxes.

For stocks held longer than 12 months, the donor is allowed the full fair market value of the stock as a charitable deduction on an itemized tax return (limited, of course, to IRS limitations on gifts of appreciated property and your adjusted gross income). For stocks held less than 12 months, charitable deduction is limited to the cost basis. Deductions are based upon IRS guidelines and we recommend that you contact your tax advisor for information pertaining to your individual tax situation.

If you are planning to make a gift of stock to support Lutheran Hour Ministries, please use the following broker instructions:

Edward Jones
DTC #0057
For Benefit of: Lutheran Laymens League
Account #2000941613
Edward Jones contact: Collin Moore, 618-939-7156
LHM contact: Carla Foy, 314-317-4113
LHM Federal Tax ID#: 43-0653365

So we can confirm when the transfer takes place and ensure that you receive a receipt for your taxes, please send an email to with your name and address, name of stock(s) you are transferring, and the number of shares.

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